Peter Fallon Announces Candidacy

Longtime Arlington community advocate Peter Fallon announces he will seek the Democratic Party’s endorsement for a position on the Arlington County Board! [See State Senator Barbara Favola’s official endorsement here!] ...

What Is Important?

My vision of Arlington and my campaign is centered on the concept of long term sustainability of our community, not the short term focus that others find convenient or expedient. ...

About Peter

Peter has lived in Arlington for 25 years. He is a graduate of George Washington University with a degree in Accounting.  Originally from New York City, Peter moved to the ...

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What Your Neighbors Are Saying About Peter

“Peter Fallon offers the greatest breadth and depth of direct experience with county issues, including planning, housing, finances, schools, economic development and transportation. Peter seems ready to hit the ground running if elected to the County Board, and would well represent the diverse interests of the Arlington citizenry.”

Fred Wood, Democratic Activist


“Peter truly embodies the spirit of public service. I’m supporting Peter for our party’s nomination because his dedication and hard work have made Arlington the best place to live, work, and play. Adelante con Peter!”

Gaston Araoz, Democratic Activist


“Having worked with Peter Fallon on the Arlington County Planning Commission, he has the rare ability to listen and understand multiple perspectives on complex issues and to work to achieve consensus.”

Michael Foster, Past Chair Planning Commission


“Given his extensive experience in Arlington civic life, and demonstrated commitment to quality, affordable housing, preserving the social safety net and addressing the needs of people with disabilities, I am proud to endorse Peter Fallon.”

Daniel Davis, Disabilities Rights Activist


“Peter has worked with us for 20 years to make Arlington the special place that it is today. Most importantly, however, Peter is committed to advocating for affordable housing and human services, areas that I focused on during my 14 years on the County Board.”

Sen. Barbara Favola


“I believe that Peter would be very thoughtful in balancing fiscal responsibility with key public and human services needs. I have seen first-hand that he is a hard worker, and he would make a great addition to the County Board.”

Ken Aughenbaugh, Ret. Dir. Housing Division


“I have known Peter Fallon for over 20 years in his roles as president of the Donaldson Run Civic Association, member of Arlington’s Neighborhood Advisory Committee, Planning Commissioner, and community advocate. We have worked closely on the issues affecting all of our neighborhoods. Peter will provide the kind of effective leadership that Arlington needs.”

Christine Nixon, Ret. Neighborhood Services Chief


“Peter has the in-depth knowledge about affordable housing issues, is compassionate about low and moderate income and minority tenants who are being displaced from their communities by redevelopment, and is willing to think creatively in new directions about ways to create affordable and mixed-use residential properties. As a County Board member, Peter will be an effective voice on Day One.”

Charlie and Lora Rinker, Housing Advocates


“Peter Fallon is a rare breed. Tax accountant, small business advisor, husband, father, and dedicated civic volunteer/leader. The type you want around and can rely on.”

Linc Cummings, Past Chair Committee of 100


“In his years on the Planning Committee and Housing Committee, Peter backed affordable, accessible housing and universal design for people of all ages.”

Erica Wood, Elder Care Advocate


“Given his long and deep contributions to planning, transportation and housing discussions in Arlington over the past decade, he won’t have much of a learning curve once he is elected.”

Kathleen McSweeney, Housing and Schools Advocate


“Of all the candidates running for the board, Peter Fallon has the most business experience. He is fiscally responsible, has actively worked with the Arlington Public Schools to resolve classroom overcrowding. He knows how Arlington works.”

Ashley Rehr, Taylor ES Parent

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Longtime Arlington County Board member Chris Zimmerman has announced he will be retiring in January, 2014 to take a position in the private sector. A special election will be called to fill the vacancy.

The date for the special election has not yet been set, but is expected to occur during March, 2014. I am seeking the Democratic Party’s endorsement for the upcoming special election.  A “firehouse primary” will be held prior beforehand to determine the party’s nominee.

Local issues have always been important to me, and over the past 20 years I’ve devoted thousands of hours to a broad range of issues in Arlington. These issues have included schools, transportation, the environment, historic preservation, urban planning, zoning, parks and recreation, fiscal management, public safety, libraries, and others.  I served as the elected president of the Donaldson Run Civic Association (DRCA) for over 11 years. During this time I represented my neighborhood in the Arlington County Civic Federation and Neighborhood Conservation Advisory Committee (NCAC).  I was appointed by the Arlington County Board to serve on multiple task forces.

Currently, I am a member of the Arlington County Planning Commission. Originally appointed in 2004 and serving as Chairman in 2009.  I chaired the Zoning Ordinance Committee (ZOCo) for three years and I served on the County Transportation Commission for three years. I have chaired multiple long-range planning processes and site plans. For the past two years, I have served as the liaison to the County’s Housing Commission.  My active service on multiple commissions has given me the broad-based experience necessary for developing balanced solutions among competing priorities.  I can be an effective voice on Day 1.

I have a reputation for being fair, balanced, thoughtful, and objective in my decision-making. I respect and value the diversity of opinion that accompanies all issues in Arlington. I know that compromise is an effective tool for achieving consensus among a divided community.

We have much to be proud of in Arlington. We have a tradition of good government and high quality of life. Still, we can do better and challenges lay ahead.  My campaign is centered on the concept of community sustainability.  My definition of community sustainability includes fiscal responsibility, actively working with Arlington Public Schools to resolve classroom overcrowding, managing growth and development, expanding our transit service, attracting new businesses and jobs to Arlington’s economy, protecting our natural areas and adding recreation, preservation of affordable housing options, and maintaining a safety net to help the most vulnerable members of our community.

Elections are about choices and there are some very clear differences between myself and the other candidates seeking the Democratic endorsement.  I welcome the opportunity to discuss this with you as the campaign goes forward.  I ask for your vote and support in the January 30th and February 1st Democratic party endorsement contest.

Thank you.

Peter Fallon

Democrat for County Board